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We know that it can be super difficult when it comes to picking a housewarming gift. With many of the yonder generations renting far longer, moves can be really frequent, and buying a house is likely to happen a lot later on. For someone who wants to give new home gifts that means it’s harder than ever. Unlike your parents’ generation, your housewarming gifts are unlikely to be practical ideas such as a vacuum cleaner as they will have had these for ages.

Choose the best gift for them

That being said, picking something whimsical can also be fraught with danger – especially if you aren’t sure about the property decor or the tastes of the individual or couple. 

Luckily, we’re here to the rescue with some solid new housewarming gift ideas. We’ve provided some great ideas in this article that might be ideal buys or a way to spark inspiration. So grab a tea, think of the lucky person you’d like to give the best housewarming gifts to – and get ready for the accolades and thanks as you get it right! 

8 Themes to choose from

  1. One of the best new housewarming gift ideas is to keep it simple – a card with a gift card. There are hundreds of other ideas, but this really is one of the best. Why? You can choose the amount. You can choose the brand – and they can spend it when they really need it. That doesn’t mean you can’t be creative or personal. Give a mix-and-match range of the brands they love. Give them a gift card for a food delivery service and one for homewares. Gift cards are highly likely to be used and appreciated. 
  1. People often overlook upgrades when it comes to new home gift ideas and by that, we mean things like an upgraded saucepan or a new set of premium chopping boards. Kitchen wares and appliances are the obvious route here – and most people will appreciate an upgraded, more premium version of things they already have. Ideas include a utensil holder, a fish slice, a pizza slicer, a cheese grater and a bottle stopper or wine opener. 
Shop displaying red bread bin and green thermoses.
  1. Want to get a gift for a new home that isn’t limited to the kitchen, but feel that you don’t know their decor well enough to buy a trinket? Consider neutrals and soft texture. Everyone in the world (probably) loves the comfort of a blanket, silk pillowcases, a soft cushion, a pair of house shoes or slippers, a dressing gown, a tea towel or new hand towels. Neutrals such as white, cream or nude are great choices that will go with most things. 
  1. Another thing we always recommend as one of the best housewarming gifts has to be some premium smellies. Candles are a bit overdone, but diffusers and even incense are coming back in a big way. If you are on a budget, and can’t stretch to those premium brands, then think about the accessories. A small pack of tea lights in a beautiful hessian bag alongside a stylish lighter, or a large outdoor use citronella candle can cost less than £10 and makes a beautiful gift. Wrap a note suggesting use at a garden party, or promise the Pimms is on you for some planned late-night garden chats and you have a cost-effective but thoughtful gift. 
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  1. It can be so easy to consider just the luxuries – but sometimes it can be nice to give the essentials. Boring, but useful – these will stand the test of time. Our new home gifts that meet the mark include tape measures, a set of tools, a head torch or a powerful torch for power cuts/attic exploration, beautiful and hard-wearing wooden hangers, a range of hand soaps, sewing kits and automatic can openers. Think about what you’d need if something went wrong and you were at home – and try to buy those!
  1. The gift of relaxation is one new parents and new home movers all want – but can’t request. After lugging furniture from one shell to another, the dream gift is your time – a wallpaper stripping session, a day of lifting floorboards or more garden labour. You might not have the skills of the spine strength to apply, but you can provide cash or a Collection Pot for a labourer, especially if they are moving into a ‘doer-upper.’ If you are handy, print out an IOU for a few hours of your time so that they can cash in. Perhaps you bake or cook and can provide batch meals to fill their chest freezer? Have a think about how what you do can be applied and used as one of the best housewarming gifts. 
  1. When it comes to new home gift ideas you might be thinking of flowers – but remember, there are only so many vases a couple or a person has! Instead, why not think about flower subscription services, which send blooms through the post? If they aren’t flower fans but this has sparked an idea for you, consider some of the interesting subscriptions tailored to them – from cheese subscriptions, monthly pyjama deliveries, socks, or cakes and teas – there is something that can come through their new letterbox and make them smile. 
Several bunches flowers strapped to the back of a motorbike.
  1. The number one new housewarming gift idea that works? Make a Collection Pot and you guarantee to get it right. It’s like a housewarming card done virtually, with a wall where you can add a video message, gif or note accompanied by a pool of funds that they can transfer to their bank or redeem on a huge range of gift cards. What’s not to like? This is one of the best new home gifts because of its ability to be transformative. As a young couple or an individual new homeowner, this is especially true for the first property they have. Perhaps they will have residual furniture from student digs, or maybe nothing. A Collection Pot changes a small amount here and a few pots and pans there into a big pool of funds that they can spend on precisely what they need and want, from sofas and tables to crockery and electricals. 

Set up a Collection Pot today 

Why not use Collection Pot to gather funds from family, friends or well-wishers so they can choose their own treat? It’s completely free to set up and can be done in under 5 minutes, so if you want to make a dream housewarming gift from a gang – it’s possible! 

Perhaps you are moving home and need a little bit of help with the essentials. 

Get your own Collection Pot today. 

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