12 Awesome Christmas Party Ideas

Are you searching for work Christmas party ideas this holiday season? It’s never too early to start making some decisions about the best ways to celebrate what has been a ‘tricky’ year. With some colleagues working from home full or part-time, a work Christmas party has never been so important to reconnect the team. But what are the best options out there? We looked at some of the ideas you can do almost anywhere.

Some of these top holiday party concepts may just meet your situational needs, whatever your office environment. See which you think fits best from these celebratory end-of-year suggestions.

Christmas Ideas for The Office

1. Make A Movie Marathon.

You could hire a theatre, cinema or make your own using a marquee decked with beanbags, cushions and comfy seating, or make it a swanky black-tie event with cocktails, hors d’oeuvres and servers.  You could even host or attend a drive-in complete with a big outdoor screen, and concessions vendors for popcorn, slushies, and other movie munchy must-haves? If you’d rather have an indoor event, you can hire an empty warehouse or hanger space to drive in, which will allow you to set safe-distancing measures.

2. ‘Dancing With/Under The Stars’

Ballroom dancing or swing, Gangnam-style or the Macarena, dancing is always a hit. Watch the CEO do the worm, lawn-mower and the two-step or hire a teacher to learn salsa steps. You could even go leftfield and offer a barn dance and hayrides – this can be a lot of fun and is certainly a memorable Christmas party as it’s so unexpected!

3. Murder Mystery Dinner Party

What about a Murder mystery dinner party? Who doesn’t like a ‘whodunnit,’ such as ‘Murder on the Orient Express’? Throw in dinner and it’s a ready-made Christmas party.

4. Comedy Club Evening

Who doesn’t like a good laugh? Going to a comedy club or hosting an in-house event (be warned – it may be best to leave the jokes to the professionals) might just be the fun riot you’re after.

5. Yesteryear (Present Or Future) Fancy Dress Evening

Pick your era and theme, such as the Roaring 20s, complete with a Prohibition ‘speakeasy’ underground club atmosphere. What could be more fun than pretending to ‘bend the law’ and learn the secret knock to the forbidden underground, and all while wearing a fun costume? 

6. Escape Room

Hire a professional escape room or bring the escape room to you with an office set-up or virtual version. Then organise teams to race to escape. Competition at it’s finest!

7. Pub Quiz

What about a pub quiz with fun spot prizes and gift-giving – this one is a great option for those ‘know-it-alls’ who win the Friday team quiz every week. 

8. Office Edition ‘Master Chef’

For the culinary keen or the hungry co-worker, or a holiday bakeoff, Great British style. 

9. Online Gaming Party

Create an online gaming party by hijacking the office computers and linking them to an epic game of choice. You could also go to a professional gaming place, do an arcade games night, or make a work family-fun game night with board games and cards (maybe just leave Cards Against Humanity at home, or don’t play with anyone from the HR dept.) Games could also include an indoor sports night of football, basketball, rugby, table tennis, etc., or could be a chance to ‘get your geek on’ and break out the ‘Dungeons and Dragons’ or ‘Cones of Dunshire’ –  may the best self-professed ‘geek’ win!

10. Breakfast at Tiffany’s

The Christmas Party doesn’t have to be at night. A holiday brunch is simple, but tasteful and everybody loves a celebration of comforting breakfast foods from maple-infused waffles to eggs benedict, toast and jam, porridge, coffee, and tea. Or try a champagne breakfast – make it a little more glam with mimosas and French pastry delights.

11. Casino Night Soiree

Proceeds can be donated to charity easily through an online fundraising platform, such as Collection Pot, or you can play for prizes and holiday gifts.

12. Charitable Giving Event

Make a volunteering team event to give back to your local community where it has been hit the hardest or select a charity that is close to your hearts and offer your collective time to them. Great choices include niche local charities, or Age UKRSPCACancer Research UK.

Which of these fun work Christmas party ideas are you most interested in? Of course, you will need to know your audience to determine the best cultural fit for your team. Once you pick your favourite, get the email ready for your boss, and start your campaign now for a Christmas party that you’ll remember (most of!)

Elaine Keep

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