Unique Farewell Messages to a Colleague Leaving the Company

What do you write in a farewell message to a colleague WHO is leaving the company? What do you write if you are pretty sure you have never heard of them (it might be a big company), but you don’t want to offend them? What about if a colleague has been made redundant or is leaving for another reason? We have you covered. 

We have included a range of messages to say farewell to a colleague leaving the company, whether on their terms or for another reason. 

Our tips for writing a farewell message to a colleague who’s leaving the company quickly and under difficult circumstances? Keep it brief, short and sweet. Wish them well and don’t get too emotional! 

If you don’t know the colleague who is leaving that well, it’s still nice to write them a note, but it’s key to try and be genuine without being overly sentimental, which can seem false! Only talk about their projects and successes if you are confident, they were the ones behind it – otherwise, your kind message could seem like a dig! 

At Collection Pot, we’ve helped thousands of people craft their farewell messages to colleagues, so we’ve seen some of the best! 

Our top ways to say farewell 

Now you have ways to say farewell to a colleague leaving the company, why not start a Collection Pot for a colleague who is leaving? You can add donations and create a lovely balance for them to have as cash, or in the form of a leaving gift. It’s free to set up and it takes seconds!

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