Top Nursery Teacher Gift Ideas to Say Thank You

Looking for gifts for nursery teachers but struggling to pick something that feels appropriate, personal and useful?  We can help.

We rely on nursery teachers to reinforce the training we give our little ones, and they might even help crack that pesky toilet training! As such, ‘thank you nursery teacher’ gifts are necessary to show that we can’t put a price on such valuable service and peace of mind, and should be a real heartfelt thanks. 

But what can you choose that isn’t a simple ‘you’re great’ mug or a box of chocs? 

Continue reading for some great nursery teacher present ideas!

(In a rush? You might want to skip the web searches and consider making a Collection Pot for your nursery teacher! Ourteacher collections can be customised with photos and gifs, making them a really special treat. But let’s weigh up your options first.) 

Male Teacher sat on the floor with nursery pupils.

The importance of nursery teachers

A nursery teacher is one of the most important role models in our children’s lives. They’re entrusted to look after our little ones during their early formative years and are responsible for teaching foundation learning, such as language, maths, arts, sensory and imaginary play, and early social and core behaviour skills, such as listening, sharing empathy, and tolerance. 

They are educated and skilled with the ability to patiently guide and care for our little ones while we’re at work. 

A treat is a common thing to give, especially at the end of term. As such, we have put together a list of nursery teacher gift ideas and goodies that you will be sure to find helpful to offer as a token of your appreciation.

Personalised Nursery Teacher Gift Ideas

What is more thoughtful than a personalised gift that you took the time to consider the person, using personal knowledge about them to create something special? Not that it’s a competition, but your thoughtfully constructed personalised prezzy will knock their socks off and earn you a metaphorical gold star! 

Handmade classroom sign with the writing 'Miss Yates' Classroom'.

Getting the right personalised nursery teacher gifts starts with some intelligence seeking. 

With a couple of quick-fire questions about favourite TV shows, gaming interests, fandoms and creature comforts (like their favourite coffee or wine colour) aimed at your teacher during morning drop-off, you can find out the little details you need to create a personalised gift to show you care.

Questions to ask to find more about people: 

Personalised items for thank you nursery gifts

Great places to shop for gifts like these are Etsy, Amazon, Notonthehighstreet, and other online multi-vendor platforms.

Female teacher playing music with nursery pupils.

Classroom Essential Nursery Teacher Presents

You won’t go wrong when you give teachers stationery and practical presents. For starters, most teachers are stationery fans who love organisation after the chaos of the typical school day,  so a stapler like a red Swingline will get some serious love! 

For suitability and practicality consider the following types of treats. 

Essential and practical gifts

Token Thank-you Nursery Gifts

Personalised candle with inscription 'Every time you light this candle remember what difference you've made!'

When you’re not sure what to get, sometimes the tried and true is the safe bet (that rhymes).

Why not organise a group collection? 

Don’t feel you have to go alone with nursery teacher gifts! Organising a whole class-funded gift card and thank-you, so that your child’s teacher receives a touching thank-you from everyone in their classroom is a great idea. 

With Collection Pot the thank you can include gifs and videos from the children, and the balance can be shared with a group, making it a really good way to reward a team of colleagues all helping at the nursery who may have more of a back office role.  

Set up a Teacher Collection with Collection Pot

Choose a gift they’ll really love. 

Whatever you choose, make it something to brighten their day, show your appreciation and reward them for choosing to be an important person in your child’s life. Your nursery teacher thank-you gift and gesture might even become something they remember and cherish for years to come.

If you choose to organise a class present for your nursery teacher, why not ditch the gift card with its restrictions and let Collection Pot simplify the process and enhance the experience for you? Collection Pot is an online monetary collection designed for group contributions. Check out how it works now and set up your free Pot today!

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