7 Steps To Creating An Online Group Collection

In the past, group collections have involved the hard time-wasting process of collecting cash from a group of people, keeping track of payments and depositing the funds into an account. However, there are now online collecting platforms, such as Collection Pot, that enable you to collect monetary contributions in a streamlined process. Sounds great doesn’t it?! Below we have provided some steps regarding how you go about creating an online group collection. 

1. Create Your Account

First of all, you need to create an account with your chosen collecting platform. When using Collection Pot you can sign up with an Email and password or using one of our single sign-on methods such as Microsoft. Then we are all set!

2. Choosing Your Type of Pot

Once you’re logged in, you will need to start your collection by clarifying whether this is a personal or charity Pot. It is important to note that, with the majority of collecting platforms, selecting the charity option means the funds will be sent directly to your chosen charity. In addition, you will also be able to claim Gift Aid on charity Pots.

3. Enter Your Pot Details

Next, you will need to enter the details of your collection. This will include the title, a description of what you are collecting for as well as other factors like the closing date of your collection. Most platforms follow this process but the setup can differ from time to time. An important tip for you, make sure you create an enticing title and description to encourage people to make contributions. Many people make the error of just throwing Pots out there without considering the wording and reasoning for their collection.

4. Make It Stand Out

In addition to providing your Pot details, you will also have the opportunity to add images to your page. Collection Pot provides unique and fun cover photo options depending on the occasion you have selected. You also have the chance to upload your own images to make your collection that little bit more personalised!

5. Choose Your Recipient

Furthermore, you will need to decide who the collection is being sent to. Collection Pot has a unique feature that allows you to either send a Pot directly to the recipient once the collection closes using an authorised email address. Other platforms will only allow you to withdraw the funds to your existing account. 

6. Share, Share and Share Some More

Once live, you then have the opportunity to share your Pot link in order to collect monetary contributions. There is the option to share your collection across multiple social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter. However, if your group collection is a surprise then you can select individual email addresses to send the Pot link to, therefore no surprises are ruined!

7. Redeem

Lastly, when your collection closes you can then redeem your funds. With Collection Pot you have some additional exciting options, which include; allowing a recipient to redeem, withdrawing the funds yourself or spending your collection on our exclusive catalogue of gift cards. After all, who doesn’t love a John Lewis gift card!

Making Group Collections Simple

Now you understand the processes involved in creating an online group collection, why not get started by setting up your own Collection Pot. Take advantage of our awesome features and create your Pot today! 

As previously mentioned, you can also use Collection Pot for charity fundraising activities. Keep all your Pots in one place with Collection Pot.