Outdoor Team Building Activities to Strengthen Your Team

Want to strengthen office culture? Outdoor teambuilding is the perfect spring activity and a great way to get your office team building new connections. 

The sun is peeping out, your team are more likely to brave the great outdoors without too much grumbling about the weather. Take the time to get them to reset and engage with each other, creating those bonds that help turn a normal team into a dream team! We take a look at the best outdoor teambuilding activities that can help make team building fun and memorable – whatever they are into! 

How to strengthen your team

The benefits of outdoor team building activities 

Why get teams outside? What’s the problem with a cosy meeting room or an office? Well, while they might not have a few minutes of feeling chilly – they also won’t remember much of the day. Think back in your life to the adventures you’ve had. We bet that ones that stand out are outdoors! There is something about outdoor activities that sticks in the memory – and memories help fast-track business relationships. There’s a reason so many deals are struck at golf or track days and conferences – it’s getting out of the office and into the world together. 

Spring is a hard season to weather if you are unmotivated. Post-Christmas blues, new targets, and many challenges around the half term and Easter holidays mean for smart businesses, there needs to be a real effort to bring people together and get them fighting fit as a cohesive team. 

When it comes to team building – why choose spring? 

You might be facing a few questions about why not wait until it’s summer, or why do it now. Here are the main reasons you need to consider team building spring activities. 

Outdoor team building doesn’t have to mean adrenaline sports 

There are so many varieties of outdoor team-building activities to try – and they don’t have to be sport based or require the skill or the bravery of an explorer! 

Think fun, engaging and likely to meet the needs of all attendees. Take into account their strengths and weaknesses. The ideal day of outdoor team building will be focused on pushing people just past what they are comfortable with to grow in confidence while enjoying time with colleagues. 

Outdoor teambuilding activities in spring: Sporty Ideas 

The list of outdoor activities to try is always vast – and when it comes to spring activities, you have so much choice!  Here is our take on some of the best outdoor activities for sportier groups. 

Outdoor team building activities in spring: Inclusive ideas for all 

Not everyone is a fan of a paintball gun or hopping into the open water in a kayak. Outdoors doesn’t have to mean outdoorsy. Here are some options to consider: 

Do you need to have a host for outdoor team building activities? 

If you are taking on any new skills like canoeing or kayaking, then yes! You need a professional. However, if you are on a tight budget, then start small with your treasure hunts and outdoor cooking before seeing how things go!

Elaine Keep

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