8 Unique and meaningful gift ideas for teachers

The parent’s mental load…it’s a lot, right? The never ending, constantly growing, mega To Do list is the gift that just keeps on giving. Even when you’re part of an equal parental partnership, the load often belongs to one out of two parents. You’re a nurse, chef, housekeeper, money earner and child social secretary – you have a lot of plates spinning and frankly don’t need another. Having kids in childcare or at school, the occasional unexpected plate will fly at you from left field, your kid’s teacher is leaving for pastures new. 

What do I get my child’s teacher as a leaving present?

What gifts do teachers really want? And, awkward…how much should you spend on a teacher’s present? Most schools have their own policies on what gifts a teacher can accept. Some cap the value per pupil and some have even more rigid guidelines, it can be a tricky one to gauge. 

To give you a helping hand, we’ve gathered some of the best ideas for meaningful teacher gifts, which should fall within most school policies. Of course, you could always take the risk, and hassle, out of choosing the right teacher gift by starting a Collection Pot yourself. Give teachers the option of cashing in some hard earned, thank you dosh, or give them a choice of over 60 different gift cards, including Airbnb and John Lewis, to spend on something they really want. 

8 ideas for meaningful, farewell teacher’s gifts

  1. Personalised scented candle

What is it? A personalised thank you candle from Not on the High Street. Give the gift of ultimate relaxation after a hard day schooling the new generation.

Why will your teacher love it? Available in a choice of scents, and personalised to your teacher, it’s a great way to say thanks without breaking the bank.

Price: £14.99

  1. Box of Handcrafted Biscuits

What is it? A beautiful box of hand crafted biscuits from Biscuiteers This is a great gender neutral option. 

Why will your teacher love it? They taste UNREAL, with the added benefit of looking incredible. A really thoughtful gift for the foodie teacher.

Price: £38

  1. Jute Tote Bag

What is it? A personalised jute tote bag from Etsy. A thoughtful gift to help your teacher keep all your assignments in one place.

Why will your teacher love it? Teachers have a lot of clobber, this stylish tote bag is the perfect accessory!

Price: £17.91

  1. Personalised Water Bottle

What is it? Their very own personalised Chilly Bottle. Another fantastic option for both male and female teachers.

Why will your teacher love it? An engraved version of this ‘must-have’ water bottle. Keeping your teacher hydrated whilst they plough through hours of lessons each day. 

Price: £22

  1. Body Shop Gift Pouch

What is it? Create your own gift pouch, stacked with teacher’s favourite goodies, from the Body Shop

Why will your teacher love it? It’s an environmentally conscious and thoughtful gift, what’s not to love?! Collection Pots can also be cashed in for The Body Shop vouchers, plus more than 60 other retailers, giving loads of options for your teacher to choose from. 

  1. A Box of Vegan Choccies

What is it? A box of deliciously decadent treats from Hotel Chocolat

Why will your teacher love it? For the vegan chocolate lover teacher. Keep Teacher sweet, with these yummy treats.

Price: £24.50

  1. A “right good giggle”

What is it? An uproarious comedy night for two from Virgin Experience Days. Another fab gender neutral option.

Why will your teacher love it? Who doesn’t love a giggle? Give your favourite teacher a chance to unwind and let their hair down with a pal. Alternatively, they could use their Collection Pot to choose any other Virgin Experience Day they fancy; a spa break, a slap up meal, a supercar driving experience- Pots are entirely flexible.

Price: £25

  1. Some Blooms

What is it? Some beautiful blooms from Bloom & Wild 

Why will your teacher love it? High quality, long lasting flowers and plants that brighten the home and bring a smile. What’s not to love?! You can even save yourself the nuisance of trying to find out your teacher’s address by using Collection Pot to give them their own choice of Bloom & Wild offerings. Are they a plant person, or a pampus person? The choice is theirs. 

Price: Starting from around £25

These are great thought starters, but if you don’t know the teacher well (and let’s face it, parental appearances in classrooms post-pandemic have been seriously limited), how do you parcel up “I’m so sorry you’re leaving because my kid loves you, and I’m so grateful that you’ve skilfully nurtured them for the best part of 3 years”? 

Collection Pot gives you a hassle-free way to show your true appreciation and give your child’s teacher a gift of something they actually want. Pots take less than 3 minutes to set up and best of all, you can club together with other parents to get something seriously decent. We are all facing challenging economic times ahead, so it’s a great way to spend a little less but get so much more.