Teacher Treats to Spend a Gift Card Balance On

Love your class teacher? Want to shower him / her with the finest treats money can buy? If you’re thinking of setting up a gift card collection (after all, there are no transaction fees with Collection Pot until July 31st, 2023!) you might want to redeem the balance on a gift card of your choice, and then purchase the present for them using this. 

Why? It’s far safer and simpler than sharing bank details, everyone can have input into the present, and you have something to wrap and present. 

The only problem is – what should you get?

The Collection Pot gift card range includes so many awesome brands like: 

Let’s jump in and look at some great ideas. 

Gift Card Ideas Over £100

Ninja Foodi AF400UK 9.5L Dual-Zone Air Fryer (£199)

An AirFryer is a great gift and can come with a receipt to be exchanged if they already have one. It’s a great size, and likely to be really appreciated! 

Black Ninja Foodi Dual-Zone Air Fryer.

Build Your Own Watch with Bespoke Engraving at Kartel (£175)

This amazing day out is unforgettable and most people will love learning a new skill. 

Kartel engraving experience putting together a watch.

Blissful Spa Day with an Afternoon Tea for Two (£115)

Everyone likes to chill and this day includes loads of locations, is for two and comes with food as well.

Woman having a massage.

12 Lap McLaren MP4 GT3 Driving Thrill (£189)

If they look like they love a thrill, an experience like this will be unforgettable! 

Image of black McLaren driving around a race track.

Cashmere Joggers (£132)

This is something they will never throw away. Timeless, comfy and just so luxe. 

Beige Cuffed Cashmere Joggers.

Noise Cancelling Headphones (£129)

Need we say more?!

Black Bluetooth Noise-Cancelling Earbuds in case.

Treehouse Hotel London (£415) 

A hotel is a real luxe treat and a great gift for a teacher who needs some downtime. Take a look at some of the amazing range on Hotels.com! 

Treehouse Hotel room; bed with throw cushions and minibar.

Dyson Air Wrap (£330)

You’ve heard of it – and that’s with good reason. This is a real treat, but could be perfect for your teacher. 

Dyson Air Wrap in copper and nickel.

Gift Card Ideas Under £100

Turin Leather Holdall (£99)

A holdall never goes out of style. 

John Lewis Turin Leather Holdall, Black.

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm, 100g (£48)

Male or female, cleansing is in and this is a premium quality that feels nice, looks like a substantial gift and will be remembered. 

Personalised Hammock (£85)

Who wants to spend the long summer in a hammock – with their name on it? Everyone!!

Personalised Hammock reading 'oh the happy days' with stand.

Cashmere Bed Socks (£38)

Echo Dot (£55)

A great little gadget and one everyone can use, even if they have one, a pair is great!

Vinyl Record Storage Case (£60)

Why not personalise it to make it that much more special.

Personalised Vinyl Record Storage Case.

Premium Food and Drink Hamper (£55)

Who wouldn’t love these high end treats?

Woodwick scented candle (£34.99)

A classic and a great smell.

Spanish Food and Wine Pairing Kit (£65)

A new way to have a date night or to enjoy with friends, this shows some nice thought.

Cheese, cured meats, olives and wine on a marble tabletop.

Halden Gin Glasses (£38)

A stylish addition to any home.

Waffle Robe (£60)

A great keep forever item. 

Woman standing in pink waffle dressing gown.

Gift Card Ideas Under £40

Albury Ceramic Vase (£19)

Every house can use one of these!

The White Company vase with flowers in and candle stand in grey dish.

Leather Glasses Case (£25)

If they always lose their glasses. They will love this. 

Classic Macaron Set (£12)

A treat for the sweet toothed teacher in your life. 

Classic Macaron Gift Box with 12 coloured macarons in.

Book Subscription (£39.99)

If they love reading – make it official with a subscription!

Other Teacher Gift Ideas to Inspire 

Stationary Gifts for Teachers 

Selection of stationery including whiteboard markers, post it notes, and scissors on sat on a pile of 'Peppermint' magazines.

Every teacher loves stationery! Think about finding a great stationer that stocks some lovely notebooks. You can either get one online that’s customised with their initials or their name, or go for a great quality option. Look for high-quality paper that resists bleed, feathering, and show-through. Consider features unique to their tastes, such as the pattern best in keeping with their style, a vegan leather cover, pen loops, elastic closures and ribbon markers. You might want to get them a premium fountain pen, a set of gel pens or something that again really matches their style!

Food Treats

Selection of cheeses, grapes and crackers on a wooden board.

We all love food and this is a great way to buy or bake your way to a heartfelt thank you. You could give a beautifully presented set of something tasty and unique, such as: 

As with the other gifts, you can team up to make it more substantial. Perhaps they would like a mug, a brownie, some beautiful dessert spoons, a dessert wine and some after dinner mints. Or they might like a range of muffins with a gorgeous picnic blanket and basket, cheeses with chutneys and crackers – you get the idea!

Items for The Home 

You may be unsure of where they live, but these sort of items are classic for any taste. We’ve added in some gadgets too – so have a think about what you know they might be into!

Coffee & Tea Themed Treats

Cafetiere standing next to open sack of coffee beans.

Ever get the feeling that they could do with more sleep? It might be a great idea to create a coffee or tea themed basket. Grab a suitable box with tissue paper or a hamper and then add extra essentials: 

Cinema Themed Basket

You can create a movie-themed gift basket by filling a popcorn bucket, DVD’s 3D glasses, a gift card to the cinema, comfy socks and maybe even some wine minis alongside pick-and-mix or sweetie bags.

A Classic with A Chocolate Bar

A classic book is a great idea and perfect for any teacher and a beautiful chocolate bar elevates this. The idea is taken from Ruth Crilly who has a fantastic blog on the concept. The key is to pick one with a really beautiful cover so it can double as art in their home. Consider classics such as: 

Use ribbon to tie it together with some of the latest artisanal or premium ranges like Prestat, Hotel Chocolat, Monty Bojangles, Artisan Du Chocolate, Rococo or Charbonnel et Walker. Tie the chocolate to the book with the beautiful ribbon – and even add flowers with a matching cover, and you’re away! 

Spa Day

Huge pink bath tub situated in middle of outdoor bathroom.

With a gift card to an experience you could give them the gift of peace and serenity after a long day of hearing ‘miss!’ or ‘sir’, but if you want to do a DIY take, that’s possible too. You can always present the balance of a Collection Pot with a spa basket. Simply grab a silky dressing gown, bottle of wine / fizz, face mask, premium skincare, a few magazines and a candle so they can have a spa day at home. 

Other items to consider adding to the pack include: 

Why not divide the items between the class? 

You can also make it about relaxation and rejuvenation by treating them to a groom at a barbers or a treat at a beautician local to the school. Treatments for men could be a hot shave and all the works, while for her, nails, a massage or a pedicure could hit the mark and still be inexpensive. 

Sweet Treats

You can create a tote bag filled with homemade or luxury shop-bought cakes and biscuits for a sweet and thoughtful gift. If most parents wish to bake, this can be a great idea. Alternatively, all bring a gift of food and add it to a hamper. 

Teacher Essentials Gift Basket

You can create a gift basket filled with teacher essentials for the year ahead and the Summer in front of them. Consider: 

Memory Book

You can create a memory book filled with photos, notes, and artwork from the students in the class, but this does take time and effort. Running out of it? Consider a really nice frame where they can add their own photo.

Succulent Jar

You can create a cute and easy gift by painting a mason jar and adding a succulent plant to it. The children can work together in teams to make a few to present to the teacher. 


Bouquet of flowers including sunflowers and olive leaves in brown paper.

A bouquet of flowers is a thoughtful and simple gift that can brighten up a teacher’s day and suits any cost. You can also get the students to hand-press flowers. 

Personalised Photo Frames or Drawings From The Children

Can they all draw the teacher or write about why they loved being in their class? 

Remember, the best gift is one that shows appreciation and gratitude for all the hard work and dedication that teachers put into their jobs – and that’s about care and thought – not cost!

Don’t delay in getting your Collection Pot gift card collection set up today. 

Elaine Keep

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