The Top Honeymoon Destinations In November 2024

Honeymoon in November? If you’re anything like some other people that we chatted to when we discussed the concept – then your initial reaction might be ‘blimey, it’s going to be a bit cold, no?’ 

But did you know that the average temperature in November over most of the world is what we Brits would claim as ‘shorts weather’? Countries like Tenerife and the others in the Canary Islands, Dominican Republic and Singapore all hover between 24c and 30c. But it’s not all about the sun anyway – and where did the idea of a sun-kissed and beachy honeymoon come from? It’s undoubtedly a new fashion. In the 1920’s a honeymoon was called a ‘bridal tour’ and involved you and your beloved visiting the creaks and crevices of the country with the rest of your immediate family, catching up with those distant cousins and strange aunts. Romantic!

Even in the 1950s, the most far-flung destination would have been the channel island Jersey – which due to its exotic location of being (kind of) near France, earned it the name “Honeymoon Island”. 

Our advice? If you are getting married and want a break, don’t let the month put you off for one second. Let’s look at the best November honeymoon destinations, some extra tips, activity ideas and everything else you need to start trend-setting. 

November is a great month for a honeymoon whether you want to travel near, or far, get active or get super cosy. Here’s our take on the best honeymoon destinations in November.  Our first picks are from some lovely destinations where you can get close to your other half. It might be a little nippy – but that means more time squished together. Ahhhh. 

Any weather honeymoon destinations in November 

Say ahoy to a French or UK boat stay

Stay in a gorgeous barge and enjoy the simple pleasure of life on the low seas, even if it’s a little wet or snowy.  Many premium boat businesses can offer the luxury of a hotel without any of the pomp. You could swing by Champagne in France – a mecca for those who appreciate the best in gastronomy, thanks to its world-famous sparkling wine. 

Old tradition red restaurant with umbrellas and outside tables in Alsace-Lorraine.

Or, try ​​Alsace-Lorraine, which offers a unique blend of French and German culture, boasting stunning architecture with Baroque, Gothic, and Romanesque influences, and a rich history as a military crossroads which can be explored on a candlelit river cruise through its tunnels.

Look at European Waterways for some super boats with an 8-person capacity (don’t let your mother-in-law know there’s space) and some great trip ideas.

If you have your heart set on a particular UK getaway on a boat as well, have a look at a specific waterway, or try a provider like Hoseasons. You can use their easy search functions to find necessities such as a stay for a week or longer, or a log burner / quiet engine so you can chug along sleepily. 

Grab the flask, the blankets, some books – and get snuggly! 

Swing into married life in a treetop stay across the UK 

You’d be surprised at the number of tree-top stays available in the UK. There are plenty from luxe to budget – and as the next step up from glamping, these are suitably great for even the less outdoors -inclined amongst us who still want that down-to-earth, natural honeymoon. 

Treehouse AirBnB in Ramsdean, UK.

You can use sites like AirBnB for research and we suggest using filters and scouring the reviews to ensure that you get treats such as an outdoor kitchen, decent washing and bathroom facilities, a pizza oven, barbecue, hot tub, or even a welcome treats hamper. We can’t recommend any areas as there are so many choices across the whole of the UK. It would be a whole article in itself to tackle each one, but when it comes to beautiful spots, places like the Lake District, Cheshire and Yorkshire are all well worth a look. 

Get chills in an Ice Hotel in Sweden

Okay, think sleeping on ice – but doing it in style. You might think Iceland is the obvious ice hotel location, but one of the original and top-rated options is actually in Sweden’s Jukkasjarvi, 200km north of the Arctic Circle and just a short drive from the airport in Kiruna. You may have been to an ice bar before – but the Icehotel is open all year round and in winter is blanketed in snow and with the potential to see the Northern Lights. Step into a room with – yes – a bed made of ice. Having read up, they assure guests that there is a mattress and a hide and you won’t have skin go ice contact. Also, we learned a new word – as the hotel is not just ice but also from ‘snice’ –which combines snow, water and air and is our new favourite word. 

You can book your stay at Discover the World.

Warm November honeymoon destinations 

Want to feel the sun on your bones? We feel you! It’s been a long year. We just need to get warmed up! We mentioned that some places are still in their mid 20c – 35c’s in temperature, so let’s get into which could be right for you from these destinations that are still warm, and avoid the ‘wet season’ that so many other places suffer from. 

Canary Islands 

The joy of the Canary Islands is that they are close, warm, and can be what you need them to be. Equally a home to a lad’s holiday, a hen do, to somewhere any couple would enjoy together, don’t let a preconceived idea of what’s on offer in Tenerife or Lanzarote put you off. 

Canary Islands Beach, crystal blue seas and swimmers in the water.

The first obvious win for any honeymooning couple is that the hotels there are set up for all-inclusive, and they do it brilliantly. Consider some of the lovely perks, such as on-site spas, outdoor massages, bubbly on arrival, and multiple restaurants with different world cuisines – all at your fingertips. 

Leave the resort, and there is still so much to see. You can’t miss the hot volcanic area of Lanzarote – in fact, Lanzarote is known around the world as the ‘Island of Volcanoes’. The Timanfaya National Park is a volcanic region spanning about ¼ of the island. Timanfaya is a genuinely surreal and stunning volcanic zone, and you can take in what is believed to be a volcanic area created over 15 million years ago! 

You can also see more volcanic points in Tenerife with a coach trip to Mount Teide, which also affords you the chance to enjoy a cable car ride, explore the observatory and much more. See Volcano Teide for ideas.

Finally, what could be nicer than star gazing? The Tefía observatory, located at the centre of Fuerteventura, offers a unique stargazing experience with panoramic views of the brightest stars, a refuge for overnight stays with a dome observatory and telescope, and monthly meetings by the Fuerteventura Astronomy Group, while particularly pretty skies are visible towards the south during the first months of the year featuring Sirius, the brightest star of the Canis Major constellation, and Canopus, the second brightest in the skies, along with the cathedral of the winter skies, the Orion constellation.


Most people team Singapore with Dubai and Bali as the trifecta of the ideal honeymoon spots, but with Bali entering its wet season, Singapore as a solo trip might be just the ticket. This vibrant city-state in Southeast Asia offers a unique blend of culture, luxury, and romance that makes it an ideal choice for newlyweds.

Top-rated activities include a day spent relaxing in Bukit Batok Town Park or a river cruise, as well as a stay in a beautiful hotel suite. Try drinks at the KU DE TA Club Lounge, or head to the Marina Bay Sands SkyPark Observation Deck. 

Sunset horizon shot of Singapore city, featuring Marina Bay Sands Hotel and rooftop pool.

Love food? Snap up this as your spot! Singapore is a food lover’s paradise, offering a diverse culinary scene that will tantalise your taste buds. Indulge in a gastronomic adventure as you sample international cuisines at Michelin-starred restaurants. Don’t miss the opportunity to try Singapore’s iconic dishes like chilli crab and laksa. For a really romantic experience, book a private dining experience at one of Singapore’s rooftop restaurants or enjoy a candlelit dinner on a yacht.


If soggy weather doesn’t get you down, but crowds do –  you might look at a trip to Italy instead . Soggy might be too harsh of a suggestion for what weather you’ll face, as November sees rainfall which is light and short, has 9 hours of sun a day, and about a 50% chance of a dry day – and if you are from Blighty – those actually sound like good odds! 

By November, the crowds have pretty much vanished, and flights are cheaper. For honeymooners, there’s plenty of fun to be had exploring so many areas. Film buffs could have a trip to coincide with the week-long Rome Jazz Festival, there are also many free Sunday jazz concerts in Rome, the Turin Film Festival, and the multi-week Roma Europa Festival featuring cultural events such as dance shows, music concerts, and art installations.

Sant'Apollinare checking over Piazza Navona in Rome.

Tips for planning a November honeymoon

The tips for planning a November honeymoon are quite similar to planning a honeymoon at any other time of year -(make an itinerary, book well in advance, pick your dream tours, treats and must sees) but in November there may be an extra imperative need to nail the packing and itinerary in case the local seasonal town becomes a ghost town… 

While the weather is at its peak in November in so many countries and still beautiful, the ‘high season’ of tourism is long gone. This may mean that some niche activities may not be running, so we suggest you plan ahead and ensure that you aren’t heading somewhere without firm agreements in place. 

That being said November as a honeymoon month might mean that you have more budget to spend. This could mean that you can fit in more activities and locations than you might have if you simply had a ‘beach holiday’ somewhere far-flung where your time would be eaten up by travel either to one location or multi centres. 

It can also be a good idea to pack a mix of clothing and layering options for changeable weather. 

In summary: Don’t be afraid of a honeymoon in November. 

We hope we have convinced you that when booking a honeymoon, there’s no time like the present and booking a November trip is a smart move. Whether you want to stay cosy close to home or get adventurous in a location that still promises sunshine and culture, take your pick! 

One final tip – get collecting! A Collection Pot is the ideal way to grow your honeymoon funds and get enough to take the trip of your dreams – rather than receiving the silverware of your nightmares. 

Set up your own custom Pot today! 

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