Unforgettable Honeymoon Destinations in February

Some like it hot, and some love wintery scapes; whatever you envision for your dream honeymoon destination, we have the perfect February honeymoon inspiration. So, whether you are escaping the cold for warmer climates with sand and water, wanting to cosy up to the love of your life in a winter wonderland of snow and ice, or perhaps a place with a more temperate climate, read on. We have put together the ultimate list of the best honeymoon destinations in February just for you.

A short history of the term ‘honeymoon’

Did you know the term ‘honeymoon’, or ‘hony moone’ is credited first to Samuel Johnson referring to the blissful first month after marriage, with honey for the sweetness of love, and ‘moon’ for the waxing and waning of the euphoric feeling we call love.

Why honeymoon in February?

There are reasons February honeymoon ideas are so often searched for. 

Valentine’s Day – the day the known world celebrates romantic love – falls in February, and what better time is there to celebrate your love with your partner by going on a honeymoon holiday to the best February honeymoon destinations, a time of year when fewer people will be visiting? This will mean more choice and opportunity, greater newlywed perks, lower prices, and a more intimate and authentic atmosphere with fewer tourists and smaller queues. Why wouldn’t you honeymoon in February?

Forget sweating through the ceremony. A crisper atmosphere and a cooler month is the better choice. As such, let’s explore the best honeymoon destinations in February.

Factors to consider when choosing a February honeymoon

To discover the quintessential honeymoon location, there are some factors to consider.

If crowds aren’t your thing, February is off-peak for many vacation destinations for reasons such as getting back to work after time off during the holidays and paying for the exorbitant holiday spending; for most countries, kids are back to school and hitting the books.

Weather is always an important factor to consider when choosing your honeymoon hotspot. Decision time to pick a climate – cool, cold, warm, or hot, hot, hot? Where do you want to go? Somewhere you’ve never been, or a favourite place close to your heart?

Top honeymoon destinations for February

Thinking of honeymoon destinations in February, the Hawaiian Islands are always a favourite and lovely all year round, but during the ‘winter’ months, temperatures are mild to warm. At most, you’d need to pack a light jacket or a sweatshirt for the lowest degrees. There is so much to see and do from beautiful nature hikes to discovering canyons, waterfalls, volcanoes, sea life, historical sites, so many beaches, and experience the Polynesian culture and how it complements the modern Hawaiian culture.

Aerial shot of Kauai, Hawaii

Visit exciting Thailand or head to the Caribbean, as it has lovely weather when the UK and much of the Northern Hemisphere are deep in snow and icy rain in February. Your only complaints might be how oversaturated the water and sky colours are in your photos or how difficult it would be to choose only one or two countries to visit.

Beachy, warm climate February honeymoon destination options

Maracus Beach, Trinidad & Tobago.

Snowy, wintery climate February honeymoon destinations to visit

If skiing and winter sports are your thing, just enjoying the majesty of snowy mountain ranges, or even wrapping up in a furry blanket (faux fur of course) for two in front of a crackling fire, here are some serious considerations:

Cabin in Norway

And we would be remiss not to suggest a stay in the city of love in February, Paris! It’s one of the top Honeymoon Destinations for February. It also happens to be off-peak for Paris, so you can get great deals on hotel rates and avoid swarms of people, even if the city is still buzzing at all hours. What a beautiful sight to see the Eiffel Tower over a blanket of snow.

Travel tips for a February honeymoon

If you like to pack light when you travel, a warmer climate may be what you are looking for. Tees, bikinis, and shorts take up very little room in the suitcase compared to bulky sweaters, ski pants, and padded jackets.

Why not take a cruise that offers you several destinations, offering entertainment galore, events, an inclusive meal plan, accommodation and travel all rolled into one? It’s good for couples who may find it hard to choose from the wide range of enticing February getaways on offer. 

Once you have picked your destination, talk to your travel agent or research local festivals, special calendar events, discount packages, sightseeing tours, and the amenities you can’t live without, so you don’t get retrospective FOMO when you return to the real world.

Whichever honeymoon destination you choose to visit in February, know the entry requirements for each country before you go. Find out the best days for travel to and from your honeymoon destination to avoid peak travel times and transport woes. Do some research on the airport you’re travelling to and know how far it is to / from your chosen accommodation.

Get travel insurance; it’s worth it!

Ready for your February honeymoon?

For the best February getaways, we could have listed anywhere in the world. No matter where you go, especially when you’re in love, you will experience the rare beauties on display that our amazing planet has to offer.

We hope you have enjoyed all of our February honeymoon ideas and destination suggestions. Now, to fund it! Whether you’re asking in your wedding invitations for contributions towards your Collection Pot to make paying for your honeymoon easier, or promoting your Pot at your wedding, a Collection Pot is there to help you escape guilt-free, and small funds from your wedding guests can soon add up! 

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