What Do I Want For My Birthday: The Ultimate Wishlist

man blowing out candle

‘What do I want for your birthday?’ This is a question that people often ask themselves, especially as their birthday draws near. In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive list of the best gifts and gift ideas to give yourself for your next birthday. Whether you’re looking for something practical or something fun, we have got you covered!

What Do I Want For My Birthday: Ideas

Do you need to relax and unwind or treat yourself for your birthday? Why not consider: 

– A day of pampering at a spa or a spa break 

– A new wardrobe or a stylist session 

– A laser treatment or expensive aesthetic treatment

– A make-up masterclass or a barber/ beard treatment 

– Massages / a set of massages at a local salon 

– A beauty treatment / tattoo / tattoo removal session

Are you a bit of a foodie? Why not consider: 

– A fancy dinner at a Michelin star restaurant 

– A cooking class with a professional chef 

– A private wine / beer / cheese tasting in your home 

– Gourmet food hamper 

– Cocktail making class 

– Afternoon tea at a swanky hotel near or far

– A basket filled with delicious treats you’d never normally buy 

– A personalized cutting board or other kitchen accessories

– A set of knives or kitchen tools

For the fitness enthusiast

– A gym membership 

– A personal trainer 

– Sports massage sessions 

– A yoga / meditation retreat 

– A new workout outfit or pair of shoes 

– A fitness tracker

For the traveller: 

– An around the world plane ticket (well, you can always ask!) 

– Money towards a cruise or dream trip 

– A stay at a luxury resort or villa 

– Tickets to a show or concert in another country 

– Passport holder and travel organizer 

– Nice luggage sets 

– Travel outfits 

– A beautiful hat or beach bag

Do you want more adventure in your life? 

– A day at a spa

– A trip to the seaside, country, or theme park 

– Tickets to a show or concert you’ve been keen to see

– An expensive dinner with a celebrity chef 

– Animal experience: What animal would you like to stroke, feed, or learn about? 

– Adrenaline sports: What trip would be on your bucket list? Fast car racing. skydiving, or water rafting? 

– A city break. What cities or countryside areas would you like to visit? What kind of stay would be memorable to you? Are you a slick city centre dweller or would you like a cosy cottage? 

– Would you like to learn an instrument? What about a guitar and some lessons? 

– Would you like to learn a language or an art form? Would lessons help here or a subscription to an online course?

Would you like some practical gifts? 

– A nice watch or piece of jewellery to keep forever

– A gift card to a great shop you never treat yourself too

– A new laptop or tablet or similar device

– An Amazon Echo or Google Home

– Jigsaws/ Puzzles/ Craft kits/ Painting sets

So, what’s on your ultimate birthday Wishlist? We hope that this blog post has given you some ideas to get started! Whatever you end up doing, we hope that you have a happy and memorable birthday.

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