How to Give Sustainable Christmas Gifts This Year

Oh, what a wonderful time of the year! The festive season is slowly approaching, so now’s the perfect time to start thinking about gifting.

Sustainable Christmas ideas

There are plenty of reasons to focus your attention on sustainable gifts this Christmas season. We all know that the cost of living is high right now, so looking for sustainable gift ideas is one way to keep costs down and still send a present to someone you love. As well as helping your bank balance, environmentally friendly Christmas gifts can reduce the huge amount of waste that can come from Christmas time. After all, we’ve all received that dodgy plastic present from a great Aunt…

The good news is that here at Collection Pot, we’ve put together some unique ideas to help you find the perfect sustainable gifts this year for your friends and family.

Gift a Collection Pot

If you want to avoid the guessing game of Christmas gifts this year, let your friends, family or colleagues choose their own gift by setting up a Collection Pot. With Collection Pot, give the ultimate sustainable gift of choice by allowing the recipient to spend the money on something they love. Rather than panic purchasing plastic games for Secret Santa this year, start a Collection Pot this Christmas and let people choose a special gift that will last the test of time. Setting up a Pot takes less than 3 minutes and is a secure and simple platform for everyone in the family to use.

Give recycled gifts

Recycling presents is a great way to give environmentally friendly gifts and avoid wasting unused items you have around the house. Not all that long ago, you might not have thought about giving a recycled gift but in 2022, plenty of people are turning to recycling for an eco-friendly gift option as a sign of appreciation – and it’s a lot better for the environment than brand new items.
Read a brilliant book that you’ve loved recently? Share the love by recycling it and pass it on to someone who will enjoy it just as much. A perfect eco-gift that saves you money too!

Shop second hand

The resale market has boomed in recent years, so if you’re looking for a sustainable Christmas gift without compromising quality or taste, you’re in luck. Finding a present on a resale platform is the perfect eco-friendly gift solution; you can give preloved treasures a second lease of life or discover unused items in perfect condition. We love Vinted for clothes, Preloved for children’s toys and Abe Books for second hand books.
If you’re on the hunt for cheap, eco-friendly gifts, there are so many options out there to find the perfect sustainable present. Prefer to shop in a store? Head to your local charity shops and earn your environmental stripes. One top tip? Decide on a specific item you’re looking for and focus your search before you start shopping to avoid overwhelm.

Want to give them something they actually want? Use Collection Pot!

Would rather give them the choice to choose something that lasts? Set up a Collection Pot and share the link with friends and family.

Start Collecting in 3 simple steps:

  1. Create a Pot in less than three minutes and set a deadline for people to contribute.
  2. Invite people to contribute via email, Whatsapp or social media using your unique link. Top tip! Use our tried and tested email template to quickly and effectively ask for contributions.
  3. Once the Pot is closed, it’s up to them to get spending. They can cash their Pot in as cash, select from over 60 gift cards including John Lewis and Airbnb or donate to a charity that is close to their heart.

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