The Best Maternity Leave Gift Ideas

The Importance of Thoughtful Maternity Leave Gifts

The bump has been revealed, and your colleague has a beautiful baby heading here soon! That means it’s time to start planning for maternity leave gifts. While you could be losing your work BFF, for them, it’s a huge life change. As such, if your colleague or employee is pregnant, then it’s never too early to start thinking about thoughtful gift they will actually use and like.

It’s a tricky present to buy, we will admit. With an expecting colleague and your experience of child rearing potentially non-existent, it can feel fraught with a risk of offence, whether it’s getting totally the wrong size, or choosing something they already have 20 of at home, there is multitude which you can go awry. However, fear not! Collection Pots are there to show how much you care, whilst allowing the parent-to-be, to choose exactly what they want!

However, it’s still nice to have some ideas on what the Pot can be redeemed to and you could even spot the perfect present to accompany the virtual gift.

So, we popped our thinking caps on, looked back at our own pregnancy experiences and compiled what we think is a really water-tight list of ideas! 

From personalised maternity gift ideas to budget-friendly, we’ve covered it all.

Understanding Maternity Leave

A quick pit stop on our guide before you get shopping to help you understand what maternity leave is and what it isn’t! Maternity leave is a period when expectant mothers take time off from work to prepare for and care for their newborns. Paternity is the same for fathers. Now, when it comes to sending someone off for maternity leave it’s key to remember that these parents aren’t simply ‘enjoying some time off work!’ 

If the baby has arrived (or if they haven’t, and they just have a very active bump) she may have been woken 7 times in the night, have a body that feels like it’s been in a boxing ring and that’s just at the start of a huge life change. 

That’s why we always stay away from phrases like ‘enjoy the break!’ or ‘treasure it all!’ when getting maternity leave gifts for coworkers!

Why Maternity Leave Gifts Matter

Maternity leave presents matter because they show appreciation and support for expectant mothers during a crucial phase of their lives. It’s a big moment. Not only that, it also helps to show that as a workplace, you are accepting of her in her new dual role as a mother and an employee. It shows that pregnancy isn’t anything she needs to be ashamed of, and that you intend to treat her as a team member long after the baby has arrived. You may think this is obvious, but statistics from Maternity Action have shown, 54,000 women a year are forced out of their job because of pregnancy discrimination. As well as this, one in five mothers have experienced harassment or negative comments because of their pregnancy whilst 10% of mothers were discouraged from taking time off for their antenatal care.

Thoughtful gifts can boost morale, provide comfort, and make the transition into motherhood a bit smoother. Whether it’s a gesture of congratulations or a practical item to ease the journey, the impact of well-chosen gifts is immeasurable.

Choosing the Perfect Gift

Selecting the perfect maternity leave gift requires careful consideration. Here are some tips to guide you:

Top 10 Maternity Leave Gift Ideas

To inspire your gift-giving, here are ten diverse and budget-friendly maternity leave gift ideas. These are all suitable for expectant mother gifts or as maternity leave presents when the leave has already started. 


Flowers and a candle on a wooden bedside table.

We love the stylish Calm Wellness Gift Basket from The White Company that contains delightful goods including one of their signature candles and luxurious bath goods. Neal’s Yard Remedies also have an Organic Mother’s Collection, packed with bath oils, massage serums and balms. Alternatively, My Expert Widwife offers a package that contains a spritz, a soak and a balm specifically for use before pregnancy in an aptly named kit called Look after your bits. These brands all have a great aesthetic, and feel like a treat but are also tailored specially for a mum-to-be.

A journal

Pregnancy is an exciting time for parents-to-be. Everyday is another day closer to meeting their baby, so a journal that helps them track those memories is a really nice touch and a great gift. Find one that can give pointers such as ‘how big is the baby?’ or if it’s late into the pregnancy, then pick a journal for the baby’s first year, or a way to write letters to their child.

A cozy and stylish maternity robe

This is something that will get a lot of use on those late nights and potentially also in hospital. Some recommend the fancy brand names, with waffle cotton and a chic look, but generally for mess, milk and lots of turns in the washing machine, we say go for fluffy and soft! The great synthetics available now can mean you can pick up a lovely dressing gown for not very much money at all.

A spa day or massage gift certificate

This is an overlooked treat, but one that any mum-to-be will really appreciate. A lovely spa voucher for a half day, twilight session or morning treatment can be something she can look forward to when she feels ready to do so. Try and ensure a really long window for redemption so she isn’t racing around looking for childcare to take the trip. And stick to places nearby, in case she is breastfeeding and would like to take just a short break rather than a big day away.

A food subscription box

Maternity leave gifts tend to have food involved and rightly so! The cliche of the tired parents surviving on biscuits in those first few months is there for a reason! Help the new parents out by providing them with a delicious and convenient meal solution. A food subscription box can include pre-made, nutritious meals that require minimal effort to prepare or even meals that just need to be heated up. 

As well as names like Gousto and HelloFresh, consider local butchers and delis who may offer something, or take a look at COOK which delivers across the UK and has meals in many Co-op stores.  It’s a great way to ensure they have something tasty to eat during those hectic early days of parenthood.

A subscription to a parenting or wellness magazine

A subscription to a parenting magazine will give the mum-to-be access to valuable information and advice on all things related to pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting that can really help and make a great maternity leave gift idea if they are taking a longer period of leave before the baby arrives. Have a look at some of the magazine subscriptions, websites, or consider some of the main books out there. Comedy-style books like ‘This is Why Mummy Drinks’ might go down smoother than ones that often have a hot take on tricky topics like sleep (best to avoid Gina Ford!) Shorter pages might also mean she finishes it in the same year she gives birth!

A book, hot chocolate, candle and matches a top a wooden board.

A coffee shop gift card

Some nights the mum will have been blessed with 2 – 3 hours of broken sleep and as such, can’t see a way through the day. Enter caffeine. With caffeine, things feel much better. But the costs soon add up. However, the treat of a drive-thru drink and a moment of peace can be tempting. Stock up a card for her local caffeine watering hole so there’s a guilt-free lifesaver when she needs it. This is also a really great maternity leave gift for coworkers to get involved with. Anyone can pick up the card and you can also treat the mum to extra add-ons like a nice cup or to-go cup. 

A necklace or bracelet

Celebrate the impending arrival of the baby by giving the mum-to-be a beautiful piece of jewellery. We know that she might be heading into ‘sweatpants season’, so it’s nice to mark the occasion with something beautiful to remind everyone that she’s doing something amazing! The style is up to you, you could go for a birthstone for the baby’s month if you know and are confident in it, or if you trust it won’t change, you could get a simple pendant with the baby’s name or initials if they have already picked it. 

Don’t worry about feeling like it has to be really expensive jewellery. It’s nice to get something that’s been handcrafted (the gem or birthstone, or from natural products, e.g. pearl, oak, shell all work well.) Consider some of the styles of teething bracelet and necklace that are available, or simply provide her with a gift card to choose!

A nail appointment

Do you know what you can’t do when pregnant? Paint those toenails! Before the birth, she might really want to get her toes done so when she’s finished, she has a lovely pair to look down on. Especially if she has swollen ankles, another treat from Mother Nature! Spoil her with a pedicure voucher for a local spot and let her pick the time and place.

Sofa essentials set

If the birth leads to a section or she’s likely to be a bit housebound for a while, then a sofa set is a great gift. You can create a box of treats to be parked close to the sofa to help out when the baby falls asleep and she can’t move far.


A blanket for her

Baby gets lots of blankets, but what about mum? Yes, we think a blanket is a really lovely choice. Buy smart and quality and it will be something she keeps for years to come. It’s a reminder of this great time in her life, and also something she can sleep on, with, wrap baby in, keep cozy on the sofa with, and it’s for her.

A fluffy yellow blanket on a bed with magazines.

Gifts to Avoid

While good intentions are important, there are some gifts to avoid during maternity leave, such as anything that may add to the mother’s stress or workload.

Maternity leave gifts: It’s the thought that counts!

In conclusion, maternity leave is a time of transition, and a well-thought-out gift can make it even more special and memorable. Remember if you are going to purchase a gift, consider its practicality, and show thoughtfulness in your selection.

Celebrate the journey into parenthood with a Collection Pot. The Pot allows friends, family and colleagues to all take part in this major milestone whilst giving freedom of choice to the parents-to-be. 

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