Affordable Honeymoon Destinations: Where Love Meets Affordability

Need affordable honeymoon destinations? Perhaps you are like the many people who want to kickstart married life with a bang and not a budget blow out. While a honeymoon is incredibly special, online searches for the most affordable honeymoon destinations are on the rise, and budget honeymoon destinations isn’t a dirty phrase if you don’t want to start married life in debt!

The good news? There’s never been a better time to find cheap honeymoon destinations that are still memorable for the right reasons!

(Now cheap as a term is relative. Reading this from the USA? A trip to Paris might be out of your budget. As such, this is a UK focused guide, but keep your eyes peeled as we may add further locations soon!)

Destination highlights for a budget honeymoon 

Okay, let’s think about the best places to go. We don’t know about you, but if we want to save funds, airfare is always going to focus on the budget airlines. After all, travel makes up a huge portion of your honeymoon funds and honeymoon destinations on a budget mean you have to ensure enough to have a great time for a week or even two!

While adventure is great, for a longer and more luxurious trip, you might want to stick to the well trodden paths. Okay, so there may not be rainforest adventure or exploring new lands on the agenda, but you get the benefits of a cheap air fare, lots of available travel times and also, really great connections from across the UK.

Honeymoon Destinations – Affordable Options


Small white church sits on a rocky outcrop in the sea.
Table on a white balcony overlooking the sea.


Sun setting over a Port on Hvar Island.
Plivice Lakes National Park. Gangway over marshes.
Sunbathers on rocky white outcrop by the sea on Hvar.

Canary Islands

Sun setting over Tenerife coastline.
Aloe plants growing on sandy cliff edges in Tenerife.


Cliff archway on Gozo, Malta.
2 Sailing boats in the middle of crystal blue bay.


Pink home sits on edge Sicilian coast line at sunset.
Shot of Mount Etna erupting in the night.
View of the sea through old window frame.

Pro tips to save money on your honeymoon 

Affordable honeymoon destinations start with cautious and proper planning. While each location will have its known hacks and tricks, here are some ideas to get you in a budget mindset that can save money for the more important things. 

Consider cutting the transfer

You are newlyweds and enjoying the adventure, so why not get only the country’s bus or train system and navigate to your hotel or living quarters? With the internet at hand it’s never been easier to get the details and if you fail, an Uber is usually only a few minutes away! 

Sort cheap flights: 

Consider staying on a campsite 

A couple sits in hammock in the woods by a lake.

Camping in the UK might have you thinking about drizzle, but in a beautiful location with your new bride or groom by your side, this could be the romance and memory you look back on in a few decades time. Consider buying a tent at the other side after you travel, or looking at a serviced campsite. Check the transport routes and spend time planning if you do take this option! 

Can you reduce food costs? 

Eating out for breakfast, lunch and dinner soon adds up and can be a significant portion of your budget which is better spent on seeing the sights, or savings that can set you up for your new life together back home. Consider going to a self-catered property, cutting out formal breakfasts in favour of pastries and fruit overlooking a beauty spot, or looking into experiences that include dinner, such as a cookery class or a wine and tasting tour. 

Can you get cheaper flights? 

Did you know that it can be cheaper to get a flight where your destination is a stop, rather than heading directly to that location? Or did you know that you can look for whole months to choose the best dates, other than picking dates individually? 

Many tools allow you to build your own packages for honeymoon destinations on a budget, but beware the add ons! By the time you have added baggage and picked seats, it may have been worth getting an airline who offers a complete holiday package instead. 

Can you wait? 

No one can wait for a break to celebrate being freshly married, but when it comes to a honeymoon, it can pay to travel out of season. A peak season offers the prime weather and tourist experience, but if you don’t mind some places being closed or a sleepier feel, you can pick up a real bargain. 

Add to your budget with a honeymoon fund 

Create a honeymoon fund so that guests on your big day can choose to contribute to your big adventure and you may not even need affordable honeymoon destinations! A Collection Pot is a personalised, secure and easy way to bring friends & family together to collect towards your honeymoon fund.

Create a Pot and set a deadline for people to contribute. It is free to create a Collection Pot for any occasion!

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