7 Fundraising Tips to Follow

At times, it can be challenging when coming up with original ways to raise money online. Below we have provided some top fundraising tips in order to help you step up your fundraising efforts. Get ready to become a fundraising master!

Fundraising Tips

1. Outline your goals

Having a fundraising goal always helps. Most people find starting with a goal and have a realistic target helps inspire them. You can always raise your target if you are having major success.

2. Tell your story

Let people know why you are fundraising and why you care so much. Communicate that passion you have to potential donors as they will respect your enthusiasm to raise money for a good cause.

3. Use effective imagery

Using photos within your fundraiser can have an impressive impact on your success. Make sure to use high-resolution photos as this will be the first thing people see on your fundraiser Pot. If you don’t have any photos available then you can always use stock imagery from the likes of Adobe Stock.

4. Share, share…and share some more!

It seems obvious but many people forget to share their fundraising efforts on useful platforms such as social media. Sharing your fundraising Pot by email is another channel to utilise when spreading the word around your fundraiser.

5. Provide regular updates

Make sure to keep your donors posted by sharing regular updates on your progress. People will genuinely enjoy following your story and see how far you have come in achieving your goal.

6. Push yourself until the very end

There are always going to be highs and lows within a fundraising journey. Keep looking back at your original goals and push yourself until the very end. Keep that foot on the gas!

7. Don’t forget to say…thank you!

Saying thank you is arguably the most important part of your fundraising efforts. You can do this by sending a personal message or, even better, taking the time to thank them in person.

We hope these fundraising tips will get you well on the way to becoming a fundraising master. Why not start your fundraising campaign with Collection Pot and raise money online for any cause or occasion.

Elaine Keep

Elaine Keep is an accomplished content writer with over 15 years of experience in the field of marketing and content creation for many leading brands, where she shares her passion for research and helping others through her articles. You can also find her in 'mum mode', walking in the countryside or enjoying the dreamy combo of a new non-fiction book with a tea and chocolate bar to hand.

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