The Best Thank You Messages For Colleagues

Thank you messages are a great way to show your appreciation for someone’s help, support, or simply being there for you and when your colleagues regularly you’re your bacon and get you through the 9 – 5, they need to know about it! 

They can be sent via text, email, or even in person, or sent as part of a Collection Pot of funds that shows just how valued they are. 

When it comes to thank you messages for colleagues, it’s important to personalize them and make sure they are genuine and heartfelt. We can all sniff out insincerity – so speak from the heart! 

 In this blog post, we will provide some examples of thank you messages that you can send to your colleagues. We hope you find them helpful!

But first – why should you send a thank you message to a colleague? 

Sending a thank you message to a colleague is a great way to show your appreciation for their help, support, or simply being there for you. It’s also a nice gesture that can help build and maintain strong working relationships and those are so important. 

Worried it might be a bit cheesy or out of the blue? Don’t! In a survey, 78 percent of respondents said they would feel appreciated if a colleague thank them for their help and 62 percent said thank you notes make them feel more valued at work. 

You don’t have to be too out of character. Why not use your own tone of voice on these examples. To help you out, here are some thank you message examples for colleagues. 

Funny  / Light-hearted Thank You Messages For Colleagues 

-Thank you for putting up with me on those days when I’m not at my best. I appreciate it more than you know! I owe you a coffee for putting up with me. 

-Thank you for being the voice of reason when I’ve lost my head. I don’t know what I would do without you! It’s appreciated. (My head is still missing most days, but we move on…) 

-Thank you for always being willing to lend a helping hand. I really appreciate it and couldn’t have done (PROJECT) without you to listen to me shout, cry and moan! But we did it!  

-Thank you for being such a great colleague and friend. I feel lucky to know you! (Even on the days when you look like Eeyore, we make it through to Friday together.) 

-Thank you for your help at COMPANY. I can’t say in particular, but you help me whenever I need it. Thank you – I couldn’t have done half of the projects this year without you. Don’t let the MD know that you’re my super side kick, my salary will get halved!! 

-I just wanted to drop a quick thank you for all your help this year. It’s so appreciated! The beers are on me soon. Actually, double beers for your help with (tricky project / tricky colleague) 

Short But Sincere Thank You Messages For Colleagues 

-Thank you for your help and support at work this year, it means a lot to me.

-Thank you for being there for me, I really appreciate it. Work is better with you here!

-Thank you for being a great colleague and friend, I really am so grateful for your support.

-Thank you for always lending a helping hand, it’s much appreciated.

-Thank you for being understanding and supportive, it means the world to me.

How To Give Colleagues A Thank You 

You can give a colleague a thank you in a physical format,  such as a thank you card, or an e-card. You can also thank them in person by verbally expressing your gratitude.

If you decide to give a thank you card, make sure to personalize it with a handwritten message. For an e-card, you can include a thoughtful message or quote that expresses your appreciation. If you thank them in person, make sure to look them in the eye and say thank you sincerely.

Someone special everyone wants to thank? Or need a way to recognise colleagues’ long term? Why not create a Collection Pot, or encourage your business to set up a Collection Pot in order to reward and recognise peers who mean so much to you? It’s free and easy and allows them to get themselves a treat (and read back their warm wishes time and time again.)